Monday, November 17, 2014

Colored Space Scene

1st I went to Macintosh HD and chose a space scene and colored it in with the Paint Bucket Tool.
2nd then I put 3 characters in and colored them in.
3rd Then when it was all colored in I shaded the background and characters in with the Paint Brush Tool. 
4th when I was done I saved it as a JPEG and called it Background1.

Angry Bird with feathers

1st I chose a Angry Bird picture for the feather assignment.
2nd I unlocked the background and went on safari and choose a feather and put it on the Angry Bird picture with the Magic Wand Tool and rotated them on.
3rd When I was done putting feathers on my picture I flattened it and saved it as a JPEG.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


1st I choose a pattern for the kaleidoscope.
2nd I put color in it with the Magic Wand Tool used Layers Gradient & Paint Bucket Tool.
3rd I finished it and made it a JPEG and posted it.

Where's Peter

1st I uploaded the Waldo picture in Photo Shop.
2nd I cut out my face and put it on the Waldo picture and saved it.
3rd I opened a new blank picture and put my Waldo me in it. Then I put a lot of characters in it with the Magic Wand Tool.
4th When I was done I saved it as a JPEG and called it Where's Peter.


1st I chose a hedgehog picture for my Durer picture.
2nd I deleted the background around my hedgehog picture.
3rd Then I made the hedgehog gray and put a pattern on it.
4rth Then I made the background a pattern.
5th And then I saved it and named it Durer hedgehog.